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The state of your restroom says a lot about what kind of a business you run and how you value your clients.

Let us outfit your restroom with latest hands-free technology and an economical way to supply your business with paper products for your restrooms. The better your restroom is kept up, the better your customer retention.

The Statistics:

  • The number one reason for complaints in public places is dirty bathrooms followed by those dealing with depleted restroom supplies.
  • Soap dispensers are, on average, empty 40% of the time.
  • Air fresheners on the market do not work 70% of the time.
  • Toilet paper is considered the most taken for granted item followed by zippers and frozen foods.
  • 49% of people would choose toilet paper over food to have on a deserted island.

These are just some numbers and facts that should help you to take our expertise seriously. We are professionals at stocking a restroom with the sufficient amount of supplies and helping your business save money.

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