Mop & Towel Solutions


Our mop selection can meet the needs of any type of floor and environment.

There is the right mop for the job you need to perform and our experts can help you select that product for your business. You may purchase or rent mops and make sure you are keeping your work environment safe.

Having the right equipment at your disposal is the beginning of any task. Our representatives will have the best idea on what tools are needed for any situation in your place of business. Please let us help you help yourself to a worry-free maintenance.

The different features of a mop can make it the right tool for the job. The most suitable yarn, yarn ply, style, twist, headband, size and backing material will make the job that much easier.

Renting mops will ensure the proper care and disinfecting for the mops and no chance of perpetuating germ spreading. You may also purchase mops at premium and economy prices.



Clean, reusable towels are a safe, easy and pleasant alternative

In a world where more and more products are being produced for one-time use, we are offering a way to be more ecologically sound. Towel rental is a great way to offer the comfort of soft, clean towels for your clients to use. Aside from preserving the environment, our towel service may provide for you a more economical way of stocking your restrooms, locker rooms, or any various work space from kitchens to auto garages.

Our blend of polyester and cotton make a very absorbent towel that suits many different places of business. Give us a try and see if your clientele and employee happiness goes up and your costs go down.


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