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Why Mats?

Yes, it is true. We live in a society where image reigns, and where customers judge us starting at the front door. Studies show that 91% of consumers choose a store because of its appearance. No further need to prove that image is huge, and nothing holds truer than this in retail businesses.

Here's how your mat plan fits into your image-enhancing strategy:

Consider the mat the guardian to your building.

No, it would not stop all the dirt, dust and moisture from getting inside, but it will do a job as impressive as 80% of it. It literally cuts off the daily cleaning expenses, and makes the money that you have poured into your beautiful floors worthwhile.

Thinking about effortlessly promoting your business?

A mat bearing your logo or adorning your entrance with sophisticated colors will give your customer a pleasant sense of welcoming and talk to your clients about your concern for quality even before they set foot into your building.

Provide visual clues (and comfort) by mats strategically placed in the high-traffic areas inside your building.

They will make your employees happier, and why not, less lost.

And while we don't like to sell with negative features...

Not worried about workers’ comp claims? Think again!

Your mats can play a decisive role in preventing slip-related injuries. Sadly, not having mats is one of the first things the plantiff's attorney will investigate...

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