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Mop Sales & Rental

For every job, there is the right tool. The same rule applies to your floor and the mop that you use. We can help you select and keep up the tools that clean your floors most effectively.

What type of floor you have dictates what mop you should use and how you should use it. The right yarn, yarn ply, twist, style, size, headband, and backing material is expertly selected by one of our representatives to get the optimal use out of our mops.

Our representatives are trained to give you the best advice in the business. They will choose the most efficient rental plan for dry or wet mops so that you pay the lowest price and never run out of stock. The pick-up of dirty mops and delivery of clean mops will be provided by the representative as well.

Alternatively, we can supply your business with disposable mops if you prefer.



Cloth towels are far more comfortable and eco-conscious than paper products.

Offer your guests a classier option for drying their hands. Our representative can provide the appropriate amount of towels for your needs and help you save on costs.

Health spas, salons, and kitchens are some of the places of business that could benefit from a towel service like the one Specialty Mat Services can give.


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